Hello there! I'm Caroline.

It can be never-ending drudgery at the kitchen sink. I reckon that everyone could use a bit of dry wit while they dry up. Not to mention some good-looking design. And of course screen printing ink + pure linen weave = the very best kind of tea towel.

About me: After years working as a designer in book and magazine publishing, I was longing to work with something tangible and tactile ... something I could rub between my fingers. And there were a pile of fun ideas bouncing around my head looking for a place in the world. 

Ink & Weave came into being on a whim in late 2010, and the pure linen tea towels, screen printed in small runs with eco-friendly water-based inks, have since gained a slightly cult following. They're good in the kitchen, and they're great on the wall.

About the tea towels: I love that a tea towel is both a utilitarian household object and the perfect canvas for a piece of good design. And I love that as a gift, a simple tea towel can become a special memento, putting smiles on the faces of people who care about each other. After that, it will take its place in the kitchen for many years to come as a humble, hardworking essential. Ink & weave tea towels can also be used as gorgeous re-usable gift wrap around a bottle of wine or champagne, a book, or a freshly baked cake. 

Beautiful, practical and durable, pure linen is more absorbent and longer-lasting than cotton. It's superior for drying dishes, mopping up spills and wiping your hands. The premium-grade fabric is from Eastern Europe.

While they really are wonderful for drying up, there are those who say: "They're too nice to use!" Ink & Weave tea towels can be found on walls all over the world – framed, stretched around a canvas, or hung with wooden batons.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your tea towels! 

ps: that's Missy, our fox terrier, helping out on a photo shoot. She and I develop design ideas together on our early-morning walks through the bush 'round my place in the NSW Southern Highlands. Though sometimes she prefers to chase bunnies.